Legacy Tree Planting

Legacy Tree Planting

Meaning of "Legacy"

The planted trees will live on. Future generations can enjoy what will become a magnificent display of beauty in yards and other commercial landscapes. Call (218) 525-1449 today to learn more!


Our mission is to plant as many trees as possible. We provide a wide variety of trees that will appeal to your interest. From natives, fruits and exotics, there is a perfect tree ready to be planted in a suitable location of your choice.

In the Northand, our community has dealt with tragedies of tree loss such as the 2012 flood, the 2016 wind storm as well as the invasion of the Emerald Ash Borer; an invasive insect which damage Ash trees. Not only do our tree planting services help restore tree loss, we believe the Northland has a common value that we all share; the love for trees.


Founded in 2020, Mike Kasper has always had the idea to create a niche business that would help simplify the process of planting trees for the common homeowner that may not have the time, equipment or the know-how. Mike has always been learning through his dad, Tom Kasper, who has had 20 years of experience working as the city gardener. Since 2014, Tom and Mike have taken their knowledge to establish their ongoing company, Kasper Outdoor Services. Through hard work they've purchased two existing entities that tie into their landscape service; Duluth Dirt and Burchfields Greenhouse, now known as Bending Birches Greenhouse. With Legacy Tree Planting, Mike is hoping to be able to streamline the tree planting process while continuing the familiar hospitality and efficiency that is well-known to the Northland community.

When Mike isn't working, he likes to go on hikes with his partner Dani and dog Paisley. They also enjoy walking along the shores of Lake Superior looking for sea glass, as well as exploring what Duluth has to offer. In the winter, Mike likes to take trips skiing with his group of friends.

Our Process

Call (218) 525-1449 to request a tree to be delivered and/or planted. You can use our tree catalog tab that gives you a general overview about the varieties we have available. Mike can meet with you if you are unsure about which trees would best suit your site. Once you have decided upon a tree, dates will be discussed for the installation process. Prior to the delivery, utilities will be marked. After marking, Mike or his team will deliver the tree, and install it as discussed. Excess debris will be hauled away and a mulch ring will be added around the tree. Further care instructions will be explained by Mike or installers.

If your tree dies within the first year, we will replace it for free depending on cause of death.

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