Landscape Materials & Descriptions


Garden Blend/Black Dirt: Is a mix of 2/3 black dirt and 1/3 compost. Your #1 choice for vegetable gardens, flower gardens or new plants. It has been tested for all levels of pH, phosphorus, potassium, soluble salts, calcium, boron, sulfur, manganese, zinc.

50/50 Topsoil: is a multipurpose dirt. It is a dirt made up of 50% topsoil and 50% black dirt. It is best for seeding or sodding, filling in low spots in your lawn, planting trees and shrubs and gardening.

Brown Packing Dirt: is a screened brown dirt. It is good for building up around your home to divert water or create berms. An economical dirt for landscaping projects in need of a heavier soil.

Manure: is available for your garden. The cow manure is at least 4 years old and screened. It can be delivered alone or mix with any dirt.

Compost: is from a site similar to WLSSD. It can be delivered alone or mixed with any dirt. Great for top dressing or mixing into garden beds.


Washed Sand: used for a base for laying paver blocks for patios and walkways. Also used for leveling out an area for above ground swimming pools.

Play Sand: looks like beach sand. Used for recreation areas.

Sandy Loam: is used for building up an area before laying topsoil for a yard or to use around your home before putting down plastic and rock. It is a packing, silty sand with hardly any rock.

Pit Run Sand (-1): is used for garage slab prep or other concrete projects. It is a coarse sand with rock.


Class 5: is a driveway product that is made up of 3/4" rock and sand and dirt as a binder.

Limestone: is a step up from Class 5 for driveways and is used for the base when you are building a patio. It is 3/4" limestone with limestone fines as the binder. It compacts hard but the rock stays a little loose on top.

Recycled Blacktop: A newer choice for driveways and parking areas. Much less muddy than Class 5. A little darker in color. A crushed mix of excavated black top and the rock that was originally under it.

Landscape Rock

Pea Rock: is available for bigger play areas it is earth-tone colored and small like a pea.

Washed Rock 3/4": has dark earth-tones and is 3/4" to 1/4". It is also popular for putting around drain tile or as drainage rock behind retaining walls.

Washed Rock 1 1/2": Same as 3/4" washed rock but bigger in size. Can be used for utility areas.

Bluestone 3/4": is bluish/grey in color, crushed to size.

Bluestone 1 1/2": is bluish/grey in color, crushed to size.

WI River Rock: is 1 1/2" rounded with light earth-tone colors (cream, pinks, red, blues, crystals, and lots of white)

MN River Rock: is 1 1/2" rounded rock with more earth-tones than WI River Rock. (mixture of colors) (grey, blue, red, pink, white, cream)

Lake Superior River Rock: is 1 1/2" rounded rock with darker earth tones. (red, blue, grey, pink, very little white)


  One Man: 7-14" (Not Exact) in size. Great for outlining gardens and building small walls.
  Two Man: 14-24" (Not Exact) in size. Great for larger walls or as decorative boulders.

Bobcat Boulders: 24''- 30"+ in size. Will need a machine to lift these. Limited availability.

*Call about hand picking the very right boulders you need*


Pine Bark Mulch: Bark flakes off of red pine trees with some shredded wood mixed in. Not dyed.

Brown/Mink/Chocolate: is a shredded dark brown dyed mulch made up of various hardwoods.

Cedar: Shredded cedar wood. Not dyed.

Natural: Mixture of shredded soft and hardwoods. A more economical mulch. Not dyed. May find small sticks or larger chunks mixed in.


Road Fabric: 12' wide roll. Tell us the length you need and we'll cut it and add it to your delivery.

*If you don't see a product you need give us a call. There's a good chance we'll be able to find it!*

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